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Betting Gods: let the betting begins!

Before getting into a deep analysis of this article, I will first like you to know about betting gods. What exactly does betting gods do? is a hub which connects the betters with experienced tipsters. The experts give tips based on their experience in a particular sport or race. The guidance coming from these experts actually helps out the betters into transforming the hobby into a full paying job. It is a highly profitable profession with optimized results. Furthermore, in this article I have discussed on tipster society (the sports guru) out of so many others societies currently functioning on this website, this tipster community is known for its best and efficient football betting strategy and football betting systems all over UK. If you don’t believe me quickly sign up and look for yourself!

How to choose the right tipster?

We all know or at least the people affiliated with this website know that there are a high number of tipsters working over that website. So separating the good ones from the wrong ones is one hectic task. I am going to mention some of the ways which can help you big time knowing who is good and who is not. However here are some of the red flags one must look forward for like less or no proofing at all. Besides that the complex staking plans and ridiculous claims are to be kept in mind.

Who are betting gods exactly?

It is an online service or hub, that bring together different tipsters under the same roof from all over there world. This enables the Betting Gods developer to manage up their tipsters’ service for marketing and ensure that the betters get the best and refined tips

This website was developed by an extremely experienced tipster service provider known as Darren Moore almost 2 years ago. At first the owner had a partnership with an old business partner named Neil Stevens-Wood.  This service enables the connection among punters and tipster in different fields like football, golf and even horse racing etc.

This website was meant for variety, no matter what kind of betting you prefer, there is always something for everyone.

Is the website legitimate?


You might feel confused or even doubt this website to be scam after reading all what I mentioned above. Especially from the side of tipsters as they are making bucks quickly each day. For clearing the air you have got to see like they way the owner of betting gods Darren Moore interacts with the racing society.

By now, betting Gods have sponsored number of different races. Darren Moore the owner has called actively for the regulation of the tipster’s service just to make sure that punters do not get scammed.

How much does it cost for subscribing Betting Gods?

Right now, there isn’t a way of signing up for all the service that betting God has to offer. Instead, you will be signing separately for each service.

The prices vary as one tipster may provide selection or put more of the research in the selection. Mainly tipster service which betting Gods offer will cost you around £30-£50 each month or £70-£110 per quarter.

You might feel this over the budget but seeing how good and efficient their service is this amount is nothing. One more aspect to highlight in this section is to mention that all the services offer a trial period for 30 days for just £1. There is also a free daily tip for everyone.

How can I join tipster community?

Signing up for tipster is a straightforward affair. In fact you can easily apply online. All you can do is to assure that you can constantly make money.

The package put together by Darren Moore for the tipster is very attractive. Income potential for tipster is superb that is 40% of all sales, before costs

This means for every pound that you make you will get to have 40p. According to Darren Moore estimation the tipster will receive £3000 to £4000 pounds each month.

There is also a comprehensive customer’s support system so that customer will not feel left behind. Other than that the website provides full promotions for your service. This range from reviews and email marketing to ad campaigns in the Racing Post and even sponsorship deals. You can also run the tipster service however you like even with or without explaining. Means that all the administration is separated from managing service and you are allowed to do whatever you want.

Who are Betting God tipsters?

All the betting service includes different tipsters in Betting God. Each tipster has their own approach to the betting system and it gets utmost clear to betters when they see the results. Some of the tipsters focus on value an opinion of outsiders, while other focus on strike and win rate. I am going to talk about one of the tipster service out of so many provided by Betting Gods.

The sports guru

It’s a newbie in the betting Gods tipster service as it has completed its first year. From football betting system to football betting strategy this tipster’s service provides it all. Not just that there are some other sports betting that is also been offered by sports guru. According to the plan, the bet goes 1-5 points per bet so this service is expected to cost you only a penny. The sports guru has gotten a strike rate of almost 45% which for a backing service is huge. So much as it has gone to make £3254.60-£10 stakes in just a year.


Betting Gods is an online website which connects the betters to experienced tipsters. The tipster’s services vary.  The tips obtained from the tipsters helps betters in winning their bets and all the tips are formulated on the strategies which is then submitted to betters. This website is superb for those who want to earn big bucks with their passion of being a tipster. The website is not a scam and has been in work from quite a long time now.